Spar Women’s Challenge 2017

So, I signed up for a thing... ha ha, I will be doing the Spar Women's challenge this weekend, the 10 km, I am not sure after being in hibernation for the whole of winter, that I am ready for this. But this is one of my favorite walking events of the year. So I … Continue reading Spar Women’s Challenge 2017


Sweet and Savory Popcorn

I might be in the minority regarding this, but I actually love love love sweet and salty popcorn.  I personally like to throw over some smarties/M&M's or the best Cadbury Whispers over my heavily salted popcorn! Here are some other interesting combinations to try, Sweet & Savory Popcorn Ideas! Enjoy!! <a href="">Savor</a>


We are all guilty of this... Monday comes along and we basically wish our time away until Friday, dredging along like mindless robots until Friday hits.   We are wishing our lives away... why can we not live in the here and now. One day when we are on our last breath we will say … Continue reading TGIF!