Spar Women’s Challenge 2017

So, I signed up for a thing… ha ha, I will be doing the Spar Women’s challenge this weekend, the 10 km, I am not sure after being in hibernation for the whole of winter, that I am ready for this. But this is one of my favorite walking events of the year.

So I will post my experience next week after the race, for now, I feel I need to motivate myself as it would be.


The Spar Women’s challenge has become one of the largest races in the country. I stand under correction but he limit is now 25 000 participants and that includes some of the countries top athletes.  It is amazing to see these athletes in action, they are such an inspiration and make our country proud.

The race has a few legs over South Africa namely: Port Elizabeth, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and this one which is Pretoria. And as always a few good causes are supported, which is why I am always trying to challenge friends and family to join.

The Pretoria Leg is donating proceeds to a few charities namely:

Irene Homes, A Safe Haven

Irene Homes provides a home to 84 women of all races who are housed in 8 houses. Many of these ladies are orphans and the financial responsibility for them is completely shouldered by Irene Homes. Residents participate in household chores as well as social activities and the community often treats them to outings. The Therapy Workshops which include activities such as knitting, weaving and ceramics provide a safe, protected environment for residents to learn skills in a therapeutic and non-stressful environment.

For more information or to make a donation, contact Irene Homes on 012 667 1035.

Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels 

With its unexpected twists and turns, life can deliver its fair share of challenges, up-hills and obstacles. Bringing hope, relief, goodwill and good news to people in need, Jacaranda’s Good Morning Angels make life easier for others with “a little help from friends”.Every Wednesday morning for the past decade, Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels community initiative has come alive on your radio with the simple aim of helping as many people in need as they can. Receiving thousands of requests from people who know of others in need, the Good Morning Angels find sponsors and contributors to assist in fulfilling the wide-ranging needs of their listeners. Whether it’s life-saving medical help, help for parents who have lost their jobs, the elderly struggling to get by, students wanting to better their lives through education or communities ravaged by fire and rain, these “angels” give hope and support where it’s needed.For the past three years, SPAR has donated to the Good Morning Angels from the proceeds of the annual SPAR Woman’s Challenge, helping change many lives for good. Various other Spar sponsorships have included the Good Morning Angels Golf Day; the donation of baking ingredients to the Sheriat Upliftment Centre for Women in Pretoria who were taught to bake, sew, do hair and sell clothes to enable them to earn a living; a R50 000 contribution to a teenage drug intervention centre as well as the numerous and ongoing supply and provision of food vouchers.These are just some of the examples of generous investment in care, upliftment and the betterment of society that has already benefitted a large group of people who would not otherwise have been reached. The work done by the Good Morning Angels certainly restores our faith in people and business and provides ever more hope for the future.

Contact Jacaranda Good Morning Angels by emailing angels@jacarandafm.com.

Zoleka Mandela Foundation

Zoleka Mandela Foundation is a social upliftment foundation which was established in 2013, the foundation aims to educate young people about Breast Cancer, Road Safety and Social Responsibilities. The foundation also seeks to assist young people with personal growth, volunteerism and accountability. We believe that these strengths lay the foundation for a positive future and help youth to become responsible citizens.The Zoleka Mandela Foundation supports the prevention and cure of cancer through research, education, communication and collaboration. Through its programs and services, the Zoleka Mandela Foundation fosters accelerations of new research findings among scientists and others dedicated to the conquest of cancer; promotes science education and training; and advances the understanding of cancer causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment throughout the world.The Zoleka Mandela Foundation for the Prevention and Cure of Cancer directly funds research that holds promise for, and takes us to the brink of a cure for cancer. The Foundation’s mission to “accelerate progress in the conquest of cancer by providing financial support for education and communication” is clearly demonstrated by its support of scientists at all levels.The Zoleka Mandela and its Foundation envision a healthier world, free of death and suffering due to cancer, resulting from continued scientific advancement. As the authoritative voice and source of cancer research, with the power of major donations and the impact of corporate and philanthropic giving, the Zoleka Mandela and its Foundation accelerate the pace of cancer research, one gift at a time.

Visit www.zolekamandelafoundation.org to find out more.


StandwithStan is a registered non-profit and Public Benefit Organisation that provides disadvantaged amputees with quality prosthetics, training and mentorship, to enable them to live more fulfilled lives. The company was founded in January 2013 by Stan Andrews, an amputee himself, after he realized his lifelong dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. A dynamic and fearless adventurer, mountain climber, successful Para-triathlete and an affiliated member of South African Disabled Golf, Stan has so much to offer to other amputees by way of knowledge and ongoing mentorship. Due to Stan’s own experiences, he has developed an excellent understanding of the importance of having the correct prosthetics that are best suited to each individual’s requirements. Realizing that so many amputees are not able to live fulfilled lives due to having poor, or no prosthetics at all, Stan chose to be part of the change in the amputee’s life by forming the organization. StandwithStan’s Prosthetics for Amputees project is open to any race, age or gender as they do not believe in any limitations or restrictions. They also offer running clinics that are run by a qualified Prosthetist, as well as a physiotherapist who has a special interest in amputee rehabilitation, and are of great benefit to all amputees. They also run Community-based Outreach Awareness projects to assist in identifying more previously disadvantaged amputees. In aid of this, StandwithStan has appealed to community clinics in Gauteng to assist them in hosting amputee awareness campaigns.

For more information, send an email to stan@standwithstan.co.za.

Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation

The Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation believes in the potential of the poor to effect change in their own lives and in our world. In order to achieve this they follow Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs when entering into a community. In each community that Hanna Charity is involved, they provide the fulfillment of basic needs which includes providing clothing and food. They fulfill safety and security needs through skills development, employment opportunities and job creation.

The Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation assist several communities in Gauteng and the Western Cape. Visit www.hannacharity.org for more information.

Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer

Cupcakes of Hope is a non-profit company, with one of their main aims being to create awareness and funds for children with cancer. They do this through their love of Cupcakes! In 2011, Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer set a new world record for the most cupcakes on display – 21 000. Through this achievement they were able to raise R200000! These funds were donated to Reach for A Dream, CANSA Cupcakes 4 Kids With Cancer Vereeniging and towards paying for the medical costs of three Cancer patients.

For more information on Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer, email  sandy@cupcakesofhope.org.


Spar Women’s Challenge PTA 2017

Spar Women’s Challenge



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