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Game of Thrones: The Queens Justice

I finally got to watch Episode 3 last night… its so not fair having to wait til after work… lol.  Had a tough day avoiding spoilers and yet…. I failed!

What an episode, the meeting we have been waiting for, for 7 years finally happens and Dany thinks that Jon has lost his marbles. But I think we will get there, It just seems a bit off that every time Jon leaves something happens at Winterfell.  Ok beside that point has anyone noticed how fast paced this season is, Bran traveled from the wall in lightning speed, and yet Arya whom is a lot closer than the wall is still not at Winterfell? Confused much?  I think the continuity errors are a bit annoying and yet its nice to actually get somewhere and not have 2 or 3 episodes of travelling.  Oh and lets not forget how fast Jorah healed?  Sam basically peeled his whole layer of top skin off and he does not look too bad.

My opinion might be not so popular, but I don’t think end game is Dany on the throne, its too an easy choice?  There must be something we are missing.  This season seems to be one big fan wish come to life, everything we have wished for is happening, I think next season is going to be one rude awakening!

Ok back to the long awaited meeting, I am not sure what everyone was expecting. Like love at first sight, there is not even a glimmer of chemistry there. Dany is just power hungry and at this point everyone should just bend the knee.  I am sorry but this is going to be her downfall if she does not get back to the importance of her escapade and not just about being on the throne, where “she belongs”! If we are not to judge her on her family’s past mistakes what gives her the right to hold Jon to his family’s mistakes (but yet he is in essence not a Stark?… so how can she hold him to it?). Her family messed up and I am sorry you have to work your way back up the hard way, the Baratheons had the crown fair and square.

Sansa, oh my word, she is actually a good leader, I think she is in her element and this is where she belongs, I think it might be a preview of things to come, and even though she annoys me with her arrogance, if she keeps her head out her ass she will do well.

Samwell, I have a feeling he is going to find some very important information between those scrolls that he needs to copy, i.e Jon’s parentage.  I honestly don’t think Bran will survive long enough to tell Jon,  what with Little finger lurking about in Winterfell… does this man not have a home? Popular opinion is that Arya is going to save Sansa, but I think that she will catch Little Finger in the act of murdering Bran… he has to finish what he started in Season 1.

Ellaria, Oh my that was so heart breaking how Cersei got her revenge, I am not saying that what Ellaria did was okay, I am just saying that what a revenge she plotted!  The whole time I was thinking, wow has Westeros invented lip gloss now?  LOL….then we had the whole Cersei & Jamie incesting happening… oh nope nope nope… no comment.

Euron is proving to be a big pain in my ass!  He is just too much for me, and can he really be that invincible?  We shall see.  I am glad to be getting rid of Yara soon, she was a down right boring character at the moment.

Then we have Lady Oleanna, wow what a biatch of note.  If you have to die with an umph then follow that lady’s ways, my word! That was probably the most awesome part of the episode, the show needs to come full circle at some point and close all the gaps, this what is happening.

Well this season is proving to be a good one, here’s hoping for more awesomeness.



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