Casually Disqualified!

Well this weekend I had a 10 km Race to attend.  A walk for me as it would be.  This was the Spar Ladies Challenge (as per one of my previous blogs).

So I had a tough time with this one, as it was my first one in quite a while, so I am very unfit right now. But I will get back there.  Anyway at about 7 km I was ready to give up but I pushed through right to the end.

So as I cross the finish line damn near dead tired, one of the Marshall’s stop me and immediately start to tear the tag off my race number!  He tells me that although I am not using my headphones they are visible (they were around my neck) he has to disqualify me. I tried to argue with this rude man to no avail.  But long story short is that I still went through to receive my medal.  Although I was very very close to tears as I worked hard for it.

Now the part were I need to rant; I do understand the rules set out and the reasons for them being there.  I am just slightly peeved that the fact that this is basically a “fun” run! How can you disqualify someone that is not even competing, not even near to the ones who are competing.  I also understand that in the last two years there have been way too many incidents involving runners being hit by vehicles etc, but surely if I decide not to obey the headphones rule I am putting my own life at risk? So it is my own choice? When I do use my head phones I do only use it in one ear, but that is beside the point. Basically we pay to receive our medal, goodies bag and shirt?  Is it then right to hold that from us?

End of Rant….

Daily Prompt: Casual


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